YO chair

YO’s constructing principle is based on exceptional joinery that allows each component to be separated from the others through a gap.  This way one can still discern each independent ingredient, same as with great food.  YO is truthful and honest.

YO is the opposite of disposable furniture.  It is too solid for quick service restaurants, same as good food is too slow and difficult to prepare and to source.  Same as tasting good food, the pleasure arises from feeling the solid natural ingredients and artisan’s craftsmanship. Comfort comes from the subtle angle play between pieces and from the elastic metal connection between the seat and the backrest. YO is a family of matching chairs, barstools and tables.

Materials: Solid local ash, walnut connecting pieces. Made in Transylvania. 

design: Corvin Cristian

collaborator: Vlad Hani

 Our range of furniture is the result of extensive experience in the field of restaurant and bar interior design. We are trying to fill in gaps we noticed in the HoReCa dedicated furniture such as the right balance between price and uniqueness, sense of solidity and permanency. Usually there is a reverse ratio between the technology used in one product and its uniqueness, as technology; in order to be effective requires mass production and standardization.  We addressed this issue by relying on craftsmanship rather than technology and adapted the design to artisan skills to be found in small workshops in Transylvania and to locally sourced materials. The simple clean-cut lines do not require excessive standardization in order to be efficiently produced. Transylvania (“the land across the forest”) used to be until 20 years ago an important producer of wood furniture. After the revolution the furniture industry faded away but some tradition still survives and we are confident it can be revived.