DCP chair

Nostalgia for the heavy-duty workshop furniture meets our steam punk take on Eames, Calder and Prouve.

Its constructing principle is based on two identical cut metal pieces symmetrically bent.The slight angled plywood elements ensure the comfort. 

It is suited for indoor and outdoor use and comes with a matching table whose insect-shaped support is an answer to the issue of a central stand without a base that impedes the feet. 

DCP is suitable for various informal venues but is especially dedicated to the industrial chic cafes, bars and restaurants. DCP is anobject with very strong personality and prominent features that wouldn't go unnoticed but at the same time discretely blends in and seems "dejavu".

 Materials: Solid local ash legs, metal structure, UV protected birch plywood 

design: Corvin Cristian

collaborator: Vlad Hani

 Our range of furniture is the result of extensive experience in the field of restaurant and bar interior design. We are trying to fill in gaps we noticed in the HoReCa dedicated furniture such as the right balance between price and uniqueness, sense of solidity and permanency.Usually there is a reverse ratio between the technology used in one product and its uniqueness, as technology; in order to be effective requires mass production. We addressed this issue by relying on craftsmanship rather than technology and adapted the design to artisan skills to be found in small workshops in Transylvania and to locally sourced materials. Transylvania (“the land across the forest”) used to be until 20 years ago an important producer of wood furniture. After the revolution the furniture industry faded away but some tradition still survives and we are confident it can be revived.