Opereta National Theater Foyer

On an extremely tight timeframe and budget, C.C. Studio was commissioned to design the Foyer of the "National Operetta and Musical Theatre". Our brief was to bring a sense of warmth and intimacy  to the glass and metal architecture of the building as well as to facilitate the use of the foyer as a second hall for interactive and experimental performances.

The concept was to bring the backstage to the front of the building :

In order to radically modify the space with minor interventions we: painted everything black as a proper backstage which allowed us to keep exposed the metal structures and installations. Instead of architectural conventional lights we only used stage PAR spotlights mounted on trusses and beams. Acoustics were improved by changing the glass balustrade from the initial project to a wooden one and the consistent glass surface of facade got red velvet curtains. The BAR and wardrobe signs are bringing a Broadway feel and the typical Viennese Thonet chairs remind of, well, Vienna, the place where the Operetta was born. The front of the bars is made of old transportation boxes from the belonging to the Operetta from the 1960's.

The central chandelier is made of tubas, saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, violins and other musical instruments.

Team: arch. Corvin Cristian, arch. Serban Rosca, arch. Adrian Oancea

Photo: Gin Photo, Corvin Cristian